Wilmington Convention Center Parking Deck Information

The WCC Parking Deck offers convenience to WCC guests attending events as well as area visitors.  The Deck features up to 578 spaces and is ADA compliant.

WCC address:  515 Nutt St., Wilmington, NC  28405

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Parking Deck Details

  • All parking spaces are on a first come first served basis, unless otherwise denoted.
  • Contains up to 578 parking spaces on 4 floors.  12 spaces are wheelchair accessible spaces(1st and 2nd floors) and approximately 50 spaces are for compact /hybrid vehicles(throughout deck).
  • The ceiling height is approx. 13 Feet on the first floor of the WCC Parking Deck and the only area for larger/taller vehicles. The height of the second and third floors is 8 Feet Maximum.
  • Elevators located on the southeast corner and northwest corner provide access to all floors, to the WCC, or external areas.
  • Stairs cases are  featured on four corners of the WCC Parking Deck.
  • Signage is located throughout indicating access/exit directional to visitors.
  • Signage upon entrance/exit  convey rate information and lanes open.
  • Parking Deck is fully equipped with visual and audio safety devices throughout.
  • East exit when an attendant is not in the booth. The WCC Deck takes debit and credit cards.

Daily Parking Rates

  • $3.00/ first (1st) hour
  • $2.00/ second (2nd) and third (3rd) hour
  • $1.00/ hour thereafter
  • $13.00/ maximum – daily
  • Wilmington Convention Center Deck is open on a 24/7 basis, and credit cards or debits cards are honored when no booth attendant is in the booth.
  • An ATM machine is located on the Marina concourse for convenience.

Special Event Parking/Needs

Payment Arrangements for groups renting the WCC must be discussed in advance of your event with your Event Manager.